July 01, 2020

Local lockdowns

Unless specifically stated, archery can continue within local lockdown areas as long as the guidelines issued by Archery GB are followed and implemented.

Updated: 30 September 2020

A list of areas affected by local restrictions can be read on the various government websites:

Unless specifically stated, sport and exercise - including archery - in areas of local restrictions may continue, subject to the implementation of the Archery GB guidelines for archers, clubs, coaches and competitions.

Regardless of location, all archers and volunteers should be aware of whether they are in an area with local restrictions, and what the restrictions are as they may impact on activities outside of the club/range, such as travel in/out of the area or socialising with people outside of your household.

Spectating, and non-essential volunteers, should be discouraged. Supervision of junior archers can continue through the attendance of a parent/guardian, or a carer for a disabled archer, but should be limited to one per archer where possible.

Rule of Six

Organised indoor archery for adults (including coaching sessions and club nights) can take place in larger numbers in COVID-19 secure venues. A maximum of two archers from different households, or a single household of archers, should shoot on a single target and not mix with other archers for the duration of the session. No mixing prior or after the session should occur. View the most up to date guidance for clubs, coaches and archers here.

There is an exemption for activity for disabled people, which can take place in any number, and organised group indoor activity for children is unaffected by this change and can continue as before.

Club Responsibilities

Clubs, please be ready to take action accordingly if your locality is affected, and be aware that lockdown enforcement may happen at short notice. It may be necessary to notify your club members quickly of decisions taken by the committee to ensure public health and safety.


Archery GB will continue to update clubs and members with news and guidance through our website, social media and e-newsletters.

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