February 12, 2021

New regional support roles to rebuild archery’s club network

Archery GB has created a new Participation Team to reach and address clubs' needs at a local level.

The new team will see existing members of staff take on regions of the archery network while new roles will be created in Wales and Northern Ireland to support archers in those nations. In Scotland we will continue to work closely with the Scottish Archery Association.

We recognise that every nation and region has specific needs and opportunities for growth and that a more local approach will boost member satisfaction and diversity.

The last year has shown we can work from anywhere and with anyone and that local insight and expertise is vital for ensuring projects run successfully.

By having staff "on the ground” we have the opportunity to work collaboratively with members and other partners. Through this approach we can have a greater influence locally as we will be invested, and seen to be supporting the sport, at a local level.

The Director of Participation will oversee the team and have responsibility for our strategic ambitions of Membership Modernisation, Empowering Workforce and Archer Recruitment. The Heads of Participation will support the Director on this, whilst also each taking oversight of a number of regions.

There will remain several national staff who will support the team in areas such as coach development, training and insight.

Finally, we will have a compliment of Regional Development Officers who will drive the change needed within our club network, developing relationships across the regions and supporting and leading national delivery of programmes such as coaching courses, Project Rimaya and ontarget.

Recruitment plans

We will shortly be recruiting for part time roles for GWAS, Wales and Northern Ireland to complement existing staff who cover, or will be taking, on SCAS, EMAS, WMAS, NCAS and Midlands.

Half of the team are funded by Sport England, who have committed to funding Archery GB for a fifth year in this current four-year cycle to help stabilise the sports sector as we attempt to recover from the damage of Covid-19. Later this year the senior team will start to look at how we can contribute towards achieving Sport England's new strategy - Uniting the Movement - and determining whether we are eligible for any funding to support Archery GB's vision of enriching lives through archery.

Arran Coggan, Acting Director of Participation, said: "It is an exciting time for the Participation Team, and I am personally looking forward to moving beyond Covid-19 and through the team to add value and leadership to our membership through empowerment, development, and innovation.

"We know we have faced criticism in the past for not representing all nations and regions equally, but we believe giving staff regional responsibility will mean that every club and archer's voice is heard.”

The list of staff and contact details for the Participation Team are available here.

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