July 18, 2022

Staying safe in the heatwave

As temperatures soar to record breaking levels, with the Met Office issuing red and amber heat warnings to many parts of the country, Archery GB wants our members to stay sun safe. In particular, elderly and young people are the most vulnerable so please consider the following advice to keep everyone cool.

The main risks during a heatwave are:

  • Dehydration - not drinking enough water
  • Heat exhaustion and sun stroke
  • Overheating which can make symptoms worse for people with conditions such as heart disease, lung conditions, kidney disease, diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
  • Babies and young children sweat less, reducing their ability to cool down. They also generate more heat than adults when they exercise and are therefore at higher risk of overheating

Check out the NHS website for useful tips on keeping cool during the heatwave.

Archery GB has partnered with The Melanoma Fund which has launched the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code . Each year they campaign to raise awareness of sun safety and encourage sports clubs and organisations to get sun protection accredited.  This is a free resource for everyone who works outdoors with children.



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