January 15, 2021

Support our archery volunteers! Archery GB seeks your input on how to improve the volunteering experience

Volunteers are central to archery and we would be lost without their boundless time, energy and enthusiasm. To help ensure the volunteer experience is positive and consistent across the country, Archery GB is creating a handy guide to developing and supporting volunteers.

We would like your ideas on how to recruit, retain, support, reward and recognise archery volunteers, which will ultimately help clubs to thrive and grow, and keep our talented volunteer workforce happy!

Could you help us in developing this handy guide? If you have experience and knowledge in developing a supportive volunteer culture, we would love to hear from you!

The key focus areas for the handy guide are detailed below, and we are looking to develop two working groups:

Group One

Recruiting and retaining volunteers.

Group Two

The value of volunteering, creating a successful volunteer culture, reward and recognition.

If you would like to support this project, please contact katy.cumming@archerygb.org and state which group you would like to support, by 23 January 2021.


Ready to volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering in archery, please complete this volunteer survey, so we can find out more information about you and the volunteer roles you are interested in. We will then use this information to help signpost you to appropriate training and match your volunteering interests to available opportunities.

Does your club need volunteers?

If you run a club and need more volunteers, please complete this club survey so we can help match available volunteers to roles you need filling within your club.

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