November 11, 2020

The value of volunteering in archery

We're so proud of our archery volunteers and would be lost without their boundless time, energy and enthusiasm. We're always on the lookout for new recruits - could you spare some time to support your archery community?

The work of our brilliant archery volunteers never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. This year, volunteers have helped us in so many ways from developing our return to archery guidance and competition plans to helping clubs get back on their feet, and we're keen to welcome more people to join our volunteer ranks as we look forward to a safe return to archery in 2021.

There are all sorts of ways you can help in the sport, whether it's coaching beginners, recruiting new members, committee appointments, club safeguarding/welfare, administration, general club help, or competition assistance. Over the next few days a few of our volunteers will be sharing their experiences and reasons for supporting their archery community.

We kick off the series with one of our youngest volunteers, Archery GB Young Ambassador, Max Oakley.

[caption id="attachment_24153" align="alignnone" width="200"] Above and top: Archery GB Young Ambassador Max Oakley[/caption]

Max said: "One of the ways I have got involved with volunteering is helping out the field party teams at Archery GB events. I have helped out at the National Tour finals, Youth Festival and UK Masters. Some of the things I help with are running arrows, replacing target faces, finding arrows and helping at presentations of medals. I really enjoy being part of the team and everyone is so friendly. It's also really great to meet so many archers too.

"Volunteering has shown me the incredible amount of work and effort that the events team puts into running these competitions for all to enjoy, and made me appreciate those who volunteer at the events that I go to much more. It's also shown me what goes on behind the scenes.”

Ready to volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering in archery, please complete this volunteer survey, so we can find out more information about you and the volunteer roles you are interested in. We will then use this information to help signpost you to appropriate training and match your volunteering interests to available opportunities.

Does your club need volunteers?

If you run a club and need more volunteers, please complete this club survey so we can help match available volunteers to roles you need filling within your club.

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