December 10, 2020

The Winter Field League is a go!

Overton Black Arrows hosted their first event of the 2020/21 Winter Field League.

The Winter Field League has begun for the 2020 season, with one of the events hosted by Overton Black Arrows. The aim of the League is to help archers get into field archery in a fun, educational and socially distanced way. The events will take between two to three hours shooting 12 targets, a mixture of field and 3D animals.

Steve Allam, chairman of Overton Black Arrows, explains how the day went.

6 December saw the delayed start to the club's winter league sessions.  Due to lockdown, the set-up was a rapid affair with a few members getting all the targets into position the previous day.  Sunday was chilly, with heavy fog on the hill, but as people arrived the fog lifted and later on we were treated to some sunshine.  The course was split into three units of four targets, a mixture of 3D and standard field roundels.

For those that know the Warren, Overton Black Arrow's field venue, the course worked its way around the bowl from the gate, taking in the very top corner for a 45m shot at a Chamois (first shot there for 2 years!), and then onto our long downhill shot - on a 50m red peg, via a short shot at a Dodo.

The format of the League round enables those new to field archery to come along and learn the techniques as well as challenge existing field archers - and the session was indeed challenging.

We had five new field archers along who went around shooting the white peg, paired up with experienced field archers - they had a great time and have all signed up for January and February events already, with talk of going to other venues when possible.

Scores from the day will go into the Winter Field League table, top scores from the day go to:

Barebow: Maurice Berridge - 118, Angus Falcon Ref - 232(W)
Compound: Archie Crawford - 264, Tremaine Callier - 195(W)
Longbow: Dan Hawley - 143
Recurve: Steve Allam - 189, Freya McCallum - 199(B), Hannah Callier - 148(W)

More information about the Winter Field League and the calendar can be found here.

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