September 04, 2021

Tokyo 2020: Mixed Team Recurve archers through to quarterfinals

It was another cool start to the day in Tokyo with light rain which cleared just before Paralympics GB's Mixed Team Recurve archers entered the field for the start of eliminations.

Hazel Chaisty and Dave Phillips had qualified in 10th place meaning they shot against 7th seed Turkey.

Yesterday Phillips had finished in 8th place while on Thursday Chaisty finished 6th in the Individual Recurve events.

In the 1st set GB won 32-30 meaning they took 2 set points; they drew in the 2nd set but then won the 3rd and with it the match finishing 5-1.

The win means they face Iran, the 2nd seed, who had a bye to the quarterfinals after ranking.

The match will get under way at 18:30 Tokyo time (10:30 BST).

Hazel Chaisty said: "I really enjoyed that, me and Dave together we're just such a great team. We're smiling under our masks; we're calling each other silly names on the line!”

On the difference between the individual and team events, she said: "It's completely different I think because you've got that back up of that formidable teammate and you feel safe in their hands which encourages you to shoot better shots.”

Dave Phillips said: "It's still overcast, slightly chilly but there's no rain and I think that showed with the quality of the shooting.

"I've got to say that my team partner was absolutely awesome. She held it together when I was a little bit flighty but I came through at the end with the two 10s to take the match for us both.”

Chaisty added: "We call Dave the postman because he always delivers.

"We've got quite a wait now and then we're up against Iran who are incredible but we're also incredible when we work well.”

Phillips added: "We've had plenty of practice in this finals field now so we're going to take what we've learned throughout the last three weeks and the matches we've already done and go forwards with confidence now.”

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