October 16, 2018

UK longbow and barebow rankings 2018

The 2018 national longbow and barebow rankings have been published by Archery GB in association with Barry Du-Crow, Paul Gregory and Nick Hayball of Ranking Solutions.

The rankings, sponsored by the Longbow Shop, have been calculated from 2,726 results submitted by 571 entrants who, between them, scored more than a million points. The end result shows that this year's champions are:

  • Men's longbow: Barry Du-Crow
  • Women's longbow: Sheila Hudson
  • Men's barebow: Mark Robertson
  • Women's barebow: Carol-Anne Seez

In a bid to encourage up and coming archers, trophies are also being awarded in the Grand Master Bowman, Master Bowman and Bowmen and below classes.

Archery GB's Competition and Events Manager Jon Nott said: "Barry, Paul and Nick have done a fantastic job, they have gone over and above the conversations we had early 2018. Archery GB will be adopting this system going forward as the national longbow and barebow rankings. I would like to thank everybody who has been involved in making these a success and look forward to next year. I would also like to thank the Longbow Shop for its support and congratulate everybody on the list.”

A new website was set up before the start of the 2018 season and emails were sent out to more than 200 clubs to promote the rankings - and that encouraged members to send in their results. You can find the link to the site here.

Barry, Paul and Nick said: "As more results came in there were many interesting battles throughout the year and it was great to see the participation increasing in both bowstyles. Using the archery data that was being stored, a few statistics for longbow and barebow archers were developed, including average scores, rounds shot and detailed ranking score progress.

"As the interest increased in the website over the season other features were added such as a profiles page, news page, a feedback section, scores lookup and even a gallery.

"Looking to the future we plan to continue with the ranking site and hope to encourage more archers to a pick up their bows and have a try at a ranking tournament and increase the participation in this great sport.”

You can download the 2018 rankings below.

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