February 10, 2024

Unlocking archery excellence: Cumbria County Coaching Workshop

The Cumbria County Archery Association recently hosted a dynamic coaching workshop, bringing together a mix of skill levels. Organised by Gary Pimblett (County Coaching Officer for Cumbria) and Andy Arnold, four Level 2 coaches, seven Level 1 coaches, and around 14-15 enthusiastic archers attended the workshop and delved into various essential aspects of archery coaching.

The cornerstone of effective coaching, observation skills were highlighted. Coaches practiced breaking down actions into preparatory, execution, and follow-through phases, emphasizing the importance of viewing from multiple angles and comparing with the technical model.

Performance profiling, a valuable tool, enables archers to identify areas for improvement, whether in physical or mental skills. The workshop showcased an example of a performance profile, underlining the significance of identifying strengths, weaknesses, setting goals, and monitoring progress.

The workshop presented a comprehensive winter training program initiated around 9-10 years ago. The program, adaptable for archers of all abilities and disabilities, involved monthly sessions focusing on technical changes, mental skills, and planning summer shooting programs.

Chris, a participant, emphasised the enlightening and refreshing nature of the workshop, providing a platform for coaches to share ideas and improve their approaches: “Having a large group of archers of different ages and bows tested everyone and led to a greater knowledge for the coach under the guidance of Gary and Andy. The balance of sitting and listening along with actually studying archers of different standards and making actions to follow, for the archers, testing but benefit was gained by all.

“Flexibility within the workshops was very evident and made the sessions run smoothly and to greater benefit of all present. I am looking forward to some more finding them extremely useful and fulfilling.”

Simon appreciated the practical and dynamic approach, making the sessions conducive to learning and improvement: “The sessions have been relaxed and fluid, which has created a really good leaning environment. Relatively short bursts of ‘lecture/discussion’ type sessions have been mixed with plenty of practical application on the shooting line, to help maintain focus for all involved. I look forward to the next one!”

The workshop, with its diverse topics and hands-on approach, proved beneficial for both coaches and archers, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Cumbria County Archery Association continues to pave the way for archery excellence through insightful workshops.

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