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Renew your Archery GB Coaching Licence - Archery GB coaches must renew their licence every three years. We encourage coaches to remain active and maintain their standards of coaching. Coaching is a great way to connect with others and enjoy a sense of wellbeing, for both you, the coach, and the archer you’re supporting. Find out how to renew your coaching licence, what CPD you need and the fees.

Archery GB coaches must renew their licence every three years

We recognise that you’ve worked hard to achieve your coaching qualifications, and your licence to coach in Archery GB affiliated clubs.

We encourage coaches to remain active and maintain their standards of coaching. Coaching is a great way to connect with others and enjoy a sense of wellbeing, for both you, the coach, and the archer you’re supporting.

Licensed coaches are needed more than ever to provide have-a-go’s, beginner courses, and on-going opportunities to be coached in the club.

In order to support our network of coaches to engage in ways that work for them, we’ve worked hard to provide opportunities for coaches to engage online. Many of these opportunities can be considered as ‘informal learning’ or ‘social learning’, which doesn’t directly result in a qualification being achieved. However, this doesn’t make the learning any less valid!

Our approach is to encourage coaches to engage in all types of learning; formal, informal and social. This is underpinned by our provision of Learning Curve which promotes the community aspect of coaching, and also how we have restructured our coaching courses into modules, which allows coaches to have more control over what topics they learn about and when.

As an example, the Empowering Archery workshop is an excellent stand-alone workshop that all volunteers can access and find useful, and it also doubles up as a module towards achieving a coaching qualification. So, by completing Empowering Archery, you will be one step closer to attaining a qualification, if that is what you want to do.

How to renew your Archery GB coaching licence

County and Regional Coaching Organisers are responsible for renewing coaches locally. The coach licence renewal system aims to ensure that the licensing standards are maintained and a fair outcome is met. This guidance will help you complete the Coach Renewal Form to renew your coach licence. 

Your coach licence is due for renewal every three years from the date you qualified in your current grade. Archery GB will email you 30 days in advance of your coach licence expiry date, with instructions to download and complete the coach renewal form. Your CCO may be in touch beforehand. Please remember, you are responsible for keeping your licence up to date and you should take action in the absence of a reminder. 

To be a licensed coach, you need to: 

  • Be a member of Archery GB 
  • Hold an Archery GB recognised coaching qualification 
  • Have a valid DBS/PVG disclosure issued through Archery GB or Scottish Archery 
  • Be able to provide proof of completion of a child protection workshop within the last 3 years (e.g. attendance certificate)

To retain your Archery GB coach licence, you need to continue to meet all of these requirements and demonstrate that you are committed to maintaining or improving your skills. 

Guidance to complete the Coach Renewal Form

The coach renewal form should preferably be filled in electronically. 

Page 1: Coach and Referee Details 

  • Part 1 requires information to confirm your identity and provide contact information
  • Part 2 is for details of referees who can confirm aspects of your coaching work or continued professional development (CPD), if the panel should need that. Referees do not have to sign the form; however, you should let them know that you have put them down as a referee and obtain their permission to provide their contact details

You should give: their name, organisation, position, phone number and email. A postal address is only needed if there is neither phone nor email

  • The number in the left column will be used on the next two pages to indicate the referee who can vouch for the activity described. Multiple referees can be given where appropriate for some activities
  • Part 3 is your Declaration of membership, DBS and adherence to the codes of conduct 

Page 2: Work Record 

  • These are the tasks normally expected of an active coach e.g. delivering a have-a-go session, beginners’ or Boost Archery course; individual coaching; planning your club programme; delivering squad coaching
  • The type of activity will be appropriate to your coaching level
  • Remember, this is a summary so you don’t need to give precise dates for each element of your activity, but your personal work record will be able to support this if needed

Page 3: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) This demonstrates your commitment to coaching and desire to broaden your knowledge. There is a matrix of common activities, although this is not exhaustive, to each of which is assigned a points value. Please ensure you enter the activity codes from the matrix. The number of points you need to obtain within the three year renewal period varies depending on what level of coach you are. These should be easy to obtain during the three-year period

The points required are: 

  • Session Coach: 10 points 
  • Development Coach (Level 2): 15 points 
  • County Coach: 20 points 
  • Senior Coach: 25 points 

You do not need to attach extra paperwork to your coach renewal form. However, if you are submitting a late application, it is helpful to the renewal panel if you include a covering message to explain the circumstances. 

When complete, save the form electronically naming it in this format: Surname_renewal_grade_month_year (e.g. Smith_renewal_L2_Jan_19)

Send the form to your County Coaching Organiser if you are a Level 1, Session or Level 2 coach, and to your Regional Coaching Organiser if you are a County Coach. If you are a Senior Coach, please send it to the Senior Coach Renewal Panel Chairperson. You do not need to sign the form if you are sending it from your own email address. The email address for your County or Regional Coaching Organiser is available on the Archery GB website. This is also the person to contact if you need any advice on completing your form.

Coaching licence renewal FAQs

How is my renewal panel made up?

The panel comprises 3 coaches, a chairperson plus two others of no lower grade than your own. Your CCO or RCO may also be the panel chair but if not, they will advise you of the chairperson’s name and contact details when acknowledging your application.

What happens after the panel receives my application form?

If all is straightforward and you have a suitable work record and required CPD points, the panel will approve your renewal by sending you a copy of Panel Form 1. Only the panel has access to this section of the renewal form. They use it to record their decision on your approval and give feedback. 

The original of your Page 1 and Panel Form 1 go to the Archery GB office so your membership record can be updated. Copies of Panel Form 1 will also be sent to your CCO and for County and Senior Coaches to your RCO. Archery GB will only issue a new membership card if your current card does not show your qualification – this can happen if it lapsed and was not renewed prior to the last membership renewal date. 

Can I carry forward excess CPD points?

Yes you can carry forward a limited number of points as follows 

  • Level 2: 2 points 
  • County Coach: 3 points 
  • Senior Coach: 4 points

What should I do if my renewal is late? 

You have 1 year following your qualification expiry date in which to renew without undergoing a Late Renewal process. If you exceed this period, you should contact your CCO or RCO to discuss and explain the circumstances. Depending on these, and your work record, your CCO/RCO may decide that your renewal can be approved in any case and will inform the panel accordingly. 

If it is decided that you need to agree and complete an action plan before full renewal can be approved, the Late Renewal process will be put in motion. This is the same as for a deficient work record or CPD points total, and is set out in the next FAQ. 

What happens if my work record is deficient or I am short of CPD points? 

If your work or CPD seems deficient you will be contacted by the renewal panel chairperson and might need to meet members of the panel. Subject to this, an action plan will be agreed between you and the panel which will allow you to bring your work and/or CPD back up to the required level. A conditional renewal period – usually 6 months to a year, depending on your circumstances – will also be agreed so that you can be relicensed in order to carry out whatever coaching activities your action plan will involve. At the end of this period, the panel will review your plan. 

If the panel considers that you have completed enough work or CPD activity to have your qualification fully renewed, the chairperson will inform Archery GB and your record will be updated accordingly. You can also be renewed for 3 years if a CPD shortfall is no more than the carry forward allowance described above but you will not be able to do this for consecutive renewals. 

Your Renewal Panel will make every effort to renew your licence but, in extreme cases, renewal in your current grade may be refused. You will have the right of appeal to a higher panel if this should happen.

How do I make an appeal and what happens?

Your copy of Panel Form 1 will give details of the person through whom you can appeal. This will be the chairperson of the next higher renewal panel. The final appeal is to Archery GB, whose decision will be final.

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