Junior Archery Series

The Junior Archery Series is a five stage youth competition that runs between 27 April - 31 August 2024

Notice: Due to the recent wet weather, the first stage of the Junior Archery Series has been moved from 27 April to 5 May. To read more on this, please click the button below.


The Junior Archery Series (JAS) is a five stage youth competition that is quickly growing into one of the biggest UK Youth tournaments. Are you a junior who is looking to further your archery? This event is the perfect addition to the calendar of juniors who are on, or aiming for, NTDP and Pathway squads, as well as those working towards one day making the GB team. 

2024 Junior Archery Series stage dates




Entries open


Stage 1

Lilleshall New date: 5 May 2024

25 January 2024
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Stage 2 Woking Archery Club 18 May 2024

25 January 2024
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Stage 3 West of Scotland Archery
Association (Ayr)

1 June 2024

29 February 2024
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Stage 4 York Archers Society 15 June 2024

18 April 2024

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Stage 5 Wallingford Castle Archers 17 August 2024

18 April 2024

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Grand Final TBC

31 August 2024

Invite only


For any questions relating to individual stages, please contact the relevant Tournament Organiser. For anything else, please contact competitions@archerygb.org

Bow types

This an event and open to archers from the bow types - compound, recurve, and barebow. They will be able to gain points at the stages in both Junior Men and Junior Women categories. In an event where there are a low number of entries, a joint decision may be taken by the Event Jury (Tournament Manager, Tournament Organiser and Chief of Judges) to combine categories and/or genders in order to make it a more competitive event.


A single WA 40/50/60/70, rounds as per below, will be shot as a qualification round (6 arrows in 4 minutes), followed by head-to-head eliminations at the applicable distance listed below: 


Age category





70m - 122cm

50m - 80cm

50m - 122cm


60m - 122cm




40m - 122cm



Please note, for compound and barebow, all age groups are combined into one "youth" category.   

In line with World Archery age category rules, the U15 recurve archers will shoot at 40m on a 122cm face. This decision will be implemented for one year for the 2024 Junior Archery Series.

Age Categories

Age in 2024 - simplified, your birth year dictates your age category.

Year of birth

Age category

2004, 2005, 2006 U21

2007, 2008, 2009


2010, 2011, 2012


Ranking points

At each event every archer will accumulate points based on your placing in both the qualification round and head-to-head eliminations. These points will count towards determining the overall JAS category Champions. Results from the stages along with the current ranking for the series will be published following the event online. 

Each phase of the competition must be completed in order for an archer to receive the points. If they retire before the completion of the qualification round, they will not receive the points for it. Likewise, if they drop out of qualification but continue to shoot the head-to-heads, they will not get points for either phase of the competition.

In the unlikely event of a tie for placings, the archer who wins the Grand Final will be deemed the overall winner.

See the tables below for an example of the points system (the places will go down to 64th place). Table 1 will be used for the first five stages, and table two will be used for the Grand Final:

Table 1


Quali round points

H2H points

1 200 300
2 160 240
3 140 210
4 126 189
5 118 177

Table 2


Quali round points

H2H points

1 300 450
2 240 360
3 210 315
4 189 283.5
5 177 265.5
Grand Final

All archers that compete 3 of the first 5 stages of the Series will be invited to compete at the Grand Final. Archers can compete at as many of the stages as they wish, but they can only take their 3 best totals into the Finals. The best 3 points totals are then added to the points gained at the Finals to determine the overall JAS champions.

An archer must compete at the Grand Final to be awarded with a top 3 finish.

All categories will compete on the same day for the Finals. There will be 10 overall winners (30 medallists). The overall winners will also receive gifts and prizes to be determined close to the date.

Numbers for the Grand Final will be advised.

For any questions relating to individual Stages please contact the relevant Tournament Organiser. Anything else please contact competitions@archerygb.org 

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