Archery GB Junior National Indoor Championships

Archery GB Junior National Indoor Championships competition at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. Championships for recurve, compound, barebow and longbow.

The Archery GB Junior National Indoor Championships will take place on Sunday 3rd December at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

2024 Competition

Date: 8 December

More information to come soon, continue to check this space.

Archery GB Junior National Indoor Championships 2023 Competition information

The 2023 competition will be held during the National Indoors Weekend which will take place on 1-3 December. We would like to thank Wales Archery, who are sponsoring the event. 






Hall 2, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire


Session A from 08:00
Session B from 09:00

Event timings

Session A – 09:00 with 2 ends of sighters
Session B – 12:15  with 2 ends of sighters

15:30 – First match with two ends of practice

Chair of judges

Ian Ashworth

For more information

Please contact Archery GB

Entries open: 17th August at 7pm* 

Enter now

*Please note the entry link will not work before this time.

Event format for Recurve, Compound, Barebow and Longbow

Round - UK record status Portsmouth

Championships for Recurve, Barebow, Longbow and Compound. 

The overall Championship title will be decided by semi-final and final matches between the top four ranked on Portsmouth score in each discipline. 

Each age group winners will be as per normal on straight score.

Age group and face type

Please select your bow type when entering. You will be allocated into your correct age group based on your year of birth under the new Archery GB age ruling.  

Year of birth

From 1st Jan 2023, for the whole year, your age group will be





















2012 and later


Compound archers

Under 21, 18, 16 and 15 Triple Spot face
Under 14 and 12 Single Spot

Recurve, barebow and longbow archers

All ages shoot on a single spot face.

Age groups will be in separate genders in the age brackets below:

  • Under 21
  • Under 18
  • Under 16
  • Under 15
  • Under 14
  • Under 12

Only 1 parent or guardian/coach will be given a wristband on registration and will be allowed into the seated shooting area with athletes. Athletes may not remain in or enter the shooting area during other sessions.


The title of junior champion will only be awarded to a British Archery GB member

Age group awards will be given out as soon as possible after the last session has finished, all awards must be signed for. British Champions will be awarded after the head-to-heads are completed. All trophies from last year’s Junior National Indoor Championships must be handed back to the organisers on the day.

Archer and coach at the 2022 Junior National Indoors

Further information

Archers who are unable to get to the target should discuss their requirements at least two weeks before the competition with the organisers, please note if this isn’t done, a solution might not be available on the day. 

Food will be available in the foyer. Drinks and snacks may be consumed in the hall. 

Please expect music to be played at a low-level during shooting. 

Space is limited in the hall and as such the front row of chairs will be dedicated to those Juniors competing in the current session. Parents and supporters must occupy the chairs behind. Please do not be offended if you are asked to move by the Judges or Work Party, otherwise we may ask you to leave the hall entirely and it puts at jeopardy the number of supporters we will allow into the hall next year per competitor.

Parking will be available near the hall onsite for free.

No refunds will be given 28 days before the event. Refunds prior to this will be as advertised on the members' portal when you enter and will be administered 5 working days after the event. 

The decision of the Competitions and Events Manager will be final. 

Please refer to Archery GB rules of shooting for dress regulations, all archers should comply with dress regulations until after presentations of the awards. 

Archers competing at record status tournaments may be subject to testing. Competitors who are approached to give samples must comply; non-compliance will be treated as a positive result. By entering this competition, you consent to testing, if you are entering a minor into this competition you consent to the testing of that minor; this is in line with UK Anti-Doping Policy, Rule 5.7.2. 

No smoking/vaping is allowed in the building; there are designated smoking/vaping areas outside the facility. 

Event formats can be changed on the day due to unforeseen circumstances by the competition manager, organiser and judge in charge in collaboration with competitors. 

Lost arrows must be reported to a judge or member of the field party (please remember to inform them if you later find the arrow). It is the archer’s responsibility to account for all arrows before leaving the field. 

Please be aware parents will be expected to help with scoring where required. 

Animals will not be allowed at this event, except for assistance dogs.

All entries will be treated in accordance with the Archery GB privacy notice and subject to Archery GB’s competition terms and conditions.

Winners at the Junior National Indoor Championships 2022


In line with the recommendation in the Archery GB Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy, the organisers of this event request that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should register their details with the Tournament Organiser at the registration desk before carrying out any such photography. 

If parents/carers have any particular concern about their child/young person being photographed or filmed they should notify the organisers. 

Please note in line with the Photographing & Filming Children & Young People in Sport policy you may be required to obtain written permission from the subject and/or their parents/carers to publish images on the internet or in print. Archery GB reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by these conditions. 

If you are concerned about any photography taking place at this event, please contact the tournament organiser.

Trade stands

We are pleased to confirm that we will have several trade stands in attendance for the weekend.

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