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All the info you need on Archery GB Youth Competitions throughout the year, including dates and general competition information.

Welcome to the Archery GB Youth Competition page in partnership with Wales Archery

Wales Archery have supported Youth Competitions in the UK for over 25 years, and we are delighted to welcome them as our Official Youth Competition Partner.

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Upcoming Competitions

In 2023 there will be plenty of opportunities for junior archers to compete at a national level at events across the UK. As well as our usual busy competition schedule, there will be a new junior archery series which will give young athletes the chance to compete against each other at different locations and stages.

2023 Competition Dates

General competition information

Entry information

Please submit your entries via the membership portal

A waiting list will be in operation as soon as the event is filled, once you have been moved from the waiting list you will be given a 48-hour window to accept and pay for your place. We recommend that you log into your account ahead of the opening date to ensure that the details of people you wish to enter are up to date and hold a valid Archery GB membership.

Please ensure the organisers are aware of any special requirements you may have. Archers who are unable to get to the target, could you please try to arrange for assistance to aid in scoring and arrow collection. If this is not possible please contact the organiser directly who will assist, this must be at least 7 days prior to entry.

By entering an Archery GB competition, you agree that the following information may be collected and shared with tournament organisers, scoring systems and other competitors. Some information may also be published in documents or lists relating to the event, and at a schedule decided by the organisers. These include your name, gender, bow style, date of birth or age category, round, disability information, email address, contact numbers, club, county, region and any Archery GB assigned codes for this information.

Music will be played during the event.

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Refunds and cancellations

If you wish to cancel your space and get a refund please contact the relevant competition email address found on the event prospectus. No refunds will be available 28 days prior to the competition date.


Youth Festival

For general tournament questions you can contact us via email at

Age groups

World Archery age groups

Cadet – Archery under 18 on the 1 January on year of competition

Junior – Archers under 21 on the 1 January on the year of competition

WA 50+

Archery GB age groups

  • Under 12 (Women)– Archers aged 11 and under
  • Under 12 (Men) – Archers aged 11 and under
  • Under 14 (Women) – Archers aged 13 and under
  • Under 14 (Men) – Archers aged 13 and under
  • Under 15 (Women) – Archers aged 14 and under
  • Under 15 (Men) – Archers aged 14 and under
  • Under 16 (Women) – Archers aged 15 and under
  • Under 16 (Men) – Archers aged 15 and under
  • Under 18 (Women) – Archers aged 17 and under
  • Under 18 (Men) – Archers aged 17 and under
  • Under 21 (Women) – Archers aged 20 and under
  • Under 21 (Men) – Archers aged 20 and under
  • Women – Archers aged 21 and over
  • Men – Archers aged 21 and over
  • 50+ (Women) - Archers aged 50 and over
  • 50+ (Men) – Archers aged 50 and over

For instance, if a competition takes place in September and the archer is aged 15 on 1st July, they will take part in that competition in the Under 16 class.

Documentation and information

Target lists and results will be published on  

Urgent event notifications will be published at and social media platforms.

Line tents

No tents to be erected until 4:00pm the day before the competition.


For any further questions regarding the competition round, please contact the competition contact.

Wristbands on the ground on a range

Important information

Dress code

Please refer to the Archery GB Rules of Shooting for the dress regulations. Archers should comply with dress regulations until after the presentations - Archery GB rules of shooting rule 307.


Practice of each event will be detailed on the pre event info for each event.


Archers competing at record status tournaments may be subject to anti-doping testing.

Competitors who are approached to give samples must comply. Non-compliance will be treated as a positive result.

By entering this competition, you consent to anti-doping testing, if you are entering a minor into this competition you consent to the testing of that minor, this is in line with UK Anti-Doping Policy, Rule 5.7.2.


All trophies must be given back to the tournament organiser, unless told otherwise.

Event formats

Event formats can be changed on the day due to unforeseen circumstances by the competition manager, competition organiser, and judge in collaboration with competitors.

Lost Arrows

Lost arrows must be reported to a judge or member of the field party (please remember to inform them if you later find the arrow). It is the archer’s responsibility to account for all arrows before leaving the field.


In line with the recommendation in the Archery GB Safeguarding Policy, those who wish to take photographs or video at this event are to register with the Tournament Secretary on arrival. Unauthorised photography is not permitted. 

Photos and video taken at this event may be used by Archery GB across its communication channels to promote the sport. If you are concerned about any photography and videos taking place at this event, or do not wish to be photographed please contact the tournament organiser directly.

Pavilion café

On both days, food will be available from the Lilleshall shop in the Cricket Pavilion. Please note there will be a selection of hot and cold food available from 8am.


Lilleshall no longer have camping facilities onsite. 


We are bound by Lilleshall’s smoking policy which says no smoking on the sports pitches. Therefore the smoking area is on the access road. Please note that this rule applies to those using electronic cigarettes or vaping.

Stoves & Burners

Please do not put stoves, burners or hot water urns directly on the grass.


Animals, except for assistance animals, are not permitted at Lilleshall National Sports and Conferencing Centre.

Car Parking

Parking is limited near the shooting field, please follow the steward’s instructions.


The decision of the archery Gb competitions management team will be final.

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