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Archery GB national rankings - Rolling National Rankings and Junior Rankings for 2022. The National Rankings are open for all members of Archery GB to take part. The National Rankings for each year are decided by the number of points an archer gains from up to five world record status events within the UK. The standings will be published fortnightly from mid-April on the Archery GB website

Junior Rankings 2022

The junior rankings are your chance to submit your best scores for 2022 and see your name in lights on Archery GB’s website. Entering the rankings is a great way to track your progress in the sport and see how you compare to other archers of your age and gender shooting the same round and using the same bow type as you.

If you're looking for Archery GB's National Rankings then please scroll down this page or keep reading to find out how to enter the Junior Rankings for 2022. 

The junior rankings list for 2022 will be based on outdoor scores shot up to 11 October 2022. All scores must be shot at a Record Status Event. Only scores from the following rounds will be eligible: Gent’s WA 1440; Ladies’ WA 1440; Metric 1 – 5; York; Hereford; Bristol 1-5.

Archers should shoot the round appropriate to their current Archery GB age group or older and, should be under 18 at the time of submission.

Junior archer

How do I enter Archery GB's Junior Rankings 2022?

To enter, download and complete the Junior Rankings Submission Form 2022 from the Resources section of this page. 

Submission of the form must be done by 24 October 2022. The form can be sent via email to using "Junior rankings 2022" as the title of the email. It can also be sent through the post to – Junior Rankings c/o Archery GB, Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 9AT.

When will the Junior Rankings 2022 list be published?

The lists will be published as soon as possible on our website after all submissions have been viewed. Lists will be published based on the current bow groups / gender / age groups. Archers will be listed in the age groups appropriate to them (WA and AGB) as at the closing date. Longbow, compound, barebow and recurve archers can all take part.  

You are asked to submit your top three scores only; scores will be converted to Archery GB handicap equivalents (the Handicap can be put in the “H/C” column). If fewer than three scores are submitted, the missing scores will be given a handicap equivalent of 100. No score sheets are required at this stage.

If you wish to be considered with more than one bow type, please make separate submissions for each.

Any questions or problems regarding rankings please email:

 Archer receiving an award

Rolling National Rankings for 2022

The National Rankings are open for all members of Archery GB to take part. The National Rankings for each year are decided by the number of points an archer gains from up to five world record status events within the UK.

The standings will be published fortnightly from mid-April on the Archery GB website. Only one result is required to qualify for the National Rankings. If an archer shoots more than five events, only their highest sets of points will be used. Ranking points expire 12 months after they were gained.

Qualifying events are to take place from the first outdoor event of the year and must be completed by the last full week in October of the same year.

The final rankings for any given year will determine the UK number 1 ranked archer. These will be published at the end of the first full week in November. Certificates will be awarded to the top 30 ranked archers.

National ranking tiers

There are 4 Tiers of events, each providing opportunities for archers to score Ranking points.

Tier 1 events

  • The National Tour Stages
  • The UK Masters Head-to-Head
  • The British Target Championships Head-to-Head
  • The National Tour Finals

Tier 2+ events

Either a WA 1440 or a Double 70m/50m, and take place the day before or the day after a Tier 1 event at the same venue (for example the 1440 at the British Target Championships)

Tier 2:

All World Record status head to heads in the UK which are not closed events.

Tier 3:

All World Record Status Single/Double 70m/50m Rounds and WA1440 Rounds. The Definition of a closed event is competition which restricts an archer from being able to enter for any reason other than level of performance. Archers attending closed events will not be allocated Ranking Points.

Ranking points

The number of points awarded will depend on the tier and position of the archer at the end of each competition. Points are awarded for places from 1st to 64th. The following sections outline how points will be awarded for various events.

Head-to-Head rounds

Points will be awarded for both the WA70/50 and the final Head-to-Head position. If an archer does not compete in the Head-to-Head, they will only receive points for their qualification round position. 

If an archer only shoots a single WA70/50 round in a double round they will be awarded points based on the position their final score gives them against all the archers who complete the double round.

Multiple Days and / or rounds

For events held over multiple days (e.g. A WA70 and Head-to-Head, and a WA 1440) each day will be classed as a separate event and points awarded will be based on the applicable tier for each round and position.

For events that have multiple rounds on the same day (WA70/50) point swill be awarded based on the result of the double round.

For events where a qualifying round is shot and followed by a team event, only points for the qualifying event will be awarded at Tier 3 level.

Providing Results

It is the responsibility of the tournament organiser to send an electronic copy of the results to within 72 hours of the end of the competition. Archery GB will provide a template for scores to be submitted on but will not be responsible for collecting, seeking out nor verifying this information. If the 72-hour limit cannot be achieved, then a notification must be sent to as soon as possible.

If results are submitted or received late from any event, Archery GB’s events manager has complete discretion as to whether they will be accepted.

Disputes and questions

Any dispute or question about a ranking or points total must be direct to no later than 72 hours after release of the most recent ranking list and have supporting evidence accompanying it. Archery GB will respond within 72 working hours of the appeal and publish the outcome.

Appeals will be considered by a panel led by the Events Manager.

Longbow archer

Longbow and Barebow Rankings

The format that has been put in place for Longbow is:

2 x Record Status WA 1440 rounds

2x 70m FITA 720 rounds

1 x Record Status York/Hereford round


The format that has been put in place for Barebow is:

2 x Record Status WA 1440 rounds

2 x 50m WA50 rounds

1 x Record Status York/Hereford round

Longbow and Barebow rankings

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