Archery GB National Tour

Here’s what you need to know about dates, events, locations, scoring and regulations for archers entering the Archery GB National Tour.

National Tour 2023 entry and competition dates

Barebows will now be included in the National Tour Finals. Entry places will depend on the numbers of entries at events.

National Tour rankings will be taken from Tier 1 shoots in 2022 only. We encourage all Tournament Officers to return results to us (Ianseo preferred) with the correct AGB numbers.

Tier 1 events for National Tour

The top 30 ranked archers from the end of the 2022 season will get early pre-entry invites.

Entries for all events will open on Thursdays at 7pm through the members portal. Mark your calendars!

Competition Name



Entry open

National Tour Stage 1 - Bucks or Bounty

29-30 April 


19 January

National Tour Stage 2 - Barnsley Archery Club

May 6-7

Shaw Lane RFC

9 February

National Tour Stage 3 - Masters Lilleshall

24-25 June


16 March 

National Tour Stage 4 - Surrey Archery Weekend

8-9 July 


23 March 

National Tour stage 5 - Evesham Archery Club

15-16 July 

Badsey Cricket Club

13 April 

National Tour Stage 6 - British Target Champs

12-13 August 


20 April 

National Tour Finals

2-3 September

Wollaton Hall Nottingham TBC

Entry through qualification

Event and competition dates 2022 and results

The Archery GB National Tour 2022 has finished. Find all the results here.

Competition Name Date Venue Results Match Reports
Bucks or Bounty April 30 - May 1 Lilleshall Ianseo Click here
National Tour Scotland May 21 - 22 Brechin Castle Equestrian Show Field Ianseo Click here
National Tour Barnsley June 18 - 19 Shaw Lane RFC Ianseo Click here
British Target Championships June 25 - 26 Lilleshall Ianseo - Event cancelled Click here
Surrey Archery Weekend July 9 - 10 Tolworth, Surrey Ianseo Click here
National Tour Evesham August 6 - 7 Badsey Cricket Club Ianseo Click here
National Tour Finals September 16 - 17 Wollaton Hall, Nottingham Ianseo

Recurve Friday

Compound and Barebow Saturday

Rankings rules for 2022 - Rules for the Recurve, Compound and Barebow Divisions

The National Tour for 2022 comprised of a series of stages.

Stage Type Days for Tour Points
Bucks or Bounty 70m / 50m + H2H Saturday
National Tour Scotland 70m / 50m + H2H Saturday
National Tour Barnsley 70m / 50m + H2H Saturday
British Target Championships 70m / 50m + H2H Sunday
Surrey Archery Weekend 70m / 50m + H2H Sunday
National Tour Evesham 70m / 50m + H2H Sat: Recurve Sun: Compound / Barebow

The best three points placings, using the National Rankings formula for points, were used to rank an archer in the Tour Standings.

AGB members missing the 4th score, owing to international conflict, can agree to use one set of Tier 2 ranking points from a nominated event. Athletes wishing to apply, will need to email prior to the event occurring.

Archer at the National Tour

The top 8 ranked National Tour archers within the Recurve Men (RM), Recurve Women (RW), Compound Men (CM) and Compound Women (CW), and the top 2 Barebow from Barebow Men (BM) and Barebow Women (BW) divisions were invited to the National Tour Final on the 16 and 17 of September at Wollaton Hall (Recurve Friday and Compound and Barebow Saturday). Any declined places will be offered to the person next in the ranking list. 

Should more than one athlete be in 8th place, the highest score for a ranking round will break the tie (should this be tied, the next score will be used). This information will be shown in the Final Rankings for the national tour, used to perform the invite. 

From receipt of invitation, an athlete will have 7 days to accept their place at the finals.

Archers at the National Tour

The finals

The eight athletes in the finals were placed into the match-play charts for the quarter-finals following their final National Tour ranking position. 

  • For the matches, all World Archery rules with regards to format and allowed equipment will be followed
  • Notwithstanding the above, no camouflage, blue denim or ‘worn-looking’ clothing is to be worn by Athletes or Coaches on the field of play. Sponsor shirts, in accordance with the World Archery rules, are permitted
  • Athletes will be permitted one nominated coach, who shall be accredited
  • Athletes must carry a minimum of six (6) arrows into the finals range, to allow for runners to return arrows in alternate ends
  • No scope will be permitted on the shooting line, as there will be spotting screens and a TV unless the Competitions Manager permits it in unforeseen circumstances

Further instructions on the finals procedures and any further rules for the finals will be communicated to the selected athletes nearer the time.

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