Virtual Archery Competitions

The Archery GB virtual competitions allow you to take part in archery competitions in your own time, outside of the traditional competition format. Here’s how to take part.

If you are entering scores for more than six people, you can download our spreadsheet and send it to Please note that the spreadsheet can only be accepted if all required fields are filled in. You can enter your scores through our online platform but please be aware it could take up to 48 hours to receive QR code and scoresheet. 

You will need to enter your scores through the Ianseo app, available for Apple or Android devices, along with submitting your entry on the specific challenge link.


We’ll take your scores in good faith, so you don’t need to submit your scorecards, unless a score is questioned, in which case Archery GB will ask for scoresheets. All winners will also be expected to show their scoresheet prior to the final result publication.



If you're looking for the 2024 Summer Metrics, it has been renamed the Aim for Paris Virtual Challenge.

More information, including rounds, distances and how to enter, is available over on the Paris Hub

The January Challenge

Portsmouth (archers may use either a full or 3-spot face)

Normal Portsmouth scoring applies for this challenge.

Archers will be split by bow type and gender within each of the categories below:

  • 1 year in archery or less
  • Under 25 years in archery
  • 25 years in archery or more

Entry dates:
All scores submitted must be shot during January and entered into the system no later than the 5 February.

This competition is now closed

Results will be announced mid-late February on our website and on Ianseo, and you'll be able to download your participation certificate.

Summer Metrics

Short Metric


All categories will be split by gender, age (where appropriate) and bow type.

Please note archers must shoot their age group or above - archers cannot shoot a round below their age group. 

  • Short Metric – Adult, U21 & 50+
  • Short Metric 3 – Novice archers (any archer who has shot for less than 1 year)
  • Short Metric 1 – U18 Men
  • Short Metric 2 – U16 Men and U18 Women
  • Short Metric 3 – U16 Women and all U15
  • Short Metric 4 – U14
  • Short Metric 5 – U12

Scores submitted can be taken from the shorter distances shot where appropriate in a 1440 or metric round. Please be aware that if you use the spreadsheet, this data will not be uploaded onto Ianseo until the end of the competition.

More than one entry will be allowed, and the archer's highest score will be used for the final results. You will be asked to indicate if you have entered the virtual competitions before so that we can remove your previous result. 

Please be aware that you are allowed to shoot over 2 days due to time restrictions. You will also need to print the scoresheet off twice to submit.

Entry dates

You may only submit scores shot in July and August. You will need to allow up to 48 hours for the entry to be processed and a QR code to be sent.

Entry for the 2023 Summer Metrics has now closed. Find out who won and the full scores at the link below: 

Summer Metrics winners


Entering your virtual scores via the Ianseo app

The Ianseo mobile app is free and simple to use. This gives the added benefit to you that the results are instantly sent to Archery GB without having to do any further emailing or entry of scores. Search the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store  for ‘Ianseo Scorekeeper’ 

After you have registered for entry into the virtual league of choice, you’ll be sent your scorecard and unique QR code. 

You can either: 

  • Take the scorecard to the field, fill it in, and then transpose the information to the app later 
  • Take both the app and the scorecard to the target and fill the app in live 

How to use the Ianseo app: 

  • Click on the app icon
  • From the setup screen, click on the blue button with the QR logo
  • Scan the QR code that accompanies your scoresheet (make sure to align the QR code in the green box)
  • Please make sure you check the details all match the virtual event you have entered
  • Press Save and ‘Yes’ to accept
  • Select ‘All’ from the distances box (this will stop you having to change to the 2nd group of 30 arrows at ½ way) 
  • Tap the arrow value boxes to record the arrows. If you make a mistake, you can tap an arrow value, it will turn red and you can correct it with the new one
  • Press ‘Next archer’ this will move you to the end summary, where it shows what your end totals are and the total score please check for errors here the press continue. If you’re doing another virtual event, then when you receive the new scorecard, click the menu icon at the top right and select setup to return to the setup menu for scanning a new code
  • Complete the input screens until the last end, when you have completed a distance (in the case of an indoor shoot it would usually be ½ way) you will get a prompt to tell you, so you can check your results for the distance, and then press ok to move on to the 2nd distance (or 1/2 ) you will see that the end number changes to End 1, but the top descriptions says ‘Distance 2’

Archers on the shooting line


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