April 15, 2021

2021 World Youth Championships selection policies published

Archery GB publishes Youth Selection Policies for compound and recurve athletes hoping to compete at this year's World Youth Championships.

Following considerable uncertainty which culminated in the World Youth Championships changing both date and location, Archery GB has published the Youth Selection Policies for recurve and compound athletes hoping to compete at the 2021 World Youth Championships. Originally to be hosted in October in Perth, the event will now take place two months earlier in Wroc?aw.

The loss of the 2020 domestic and international competition seasons means that there are a few changes to the usual selection process. Key amongst these is that there are no minimum qualifying scores to enter, although athletes are asked to consider if they are ready to contend for a place at the World Youth Championships.

There are a couple of reasons for this change: the paucity of data on current performance levels, the non-linear trajectory of young athletes in particular and the impact of the pandemic on access to training over the last 12 months. Athletes will still be required to demonstrate that they are internationally competitive in order to be selected for the World Youth Championships.

For reference, 4th, 8th and 16th place qualification scores across 2017-2019 World and European Youth Championships were as follows:


2019 World Youth Championships 2018 European Youth Championships 2017 World Youth Championships
4th 8th 16th 4th 8th 16th 4th 8th 16th
RJM 658 651 643 657 651 642 661 655 646
RJW 641 632 623 646 638 625 648 645 638
RCM 676 667 661 668 663 654 677 672 664
RCW 660 657 647 648 646 641 669 662 643
CJM 700 696 691 698 690 677 688 684 677
CJW 691 688 682 686 680 667 679 676 667
CCM 695 691 687 688 684 674 697 688 685
CCW 683 674 662 682 671 649 685 682 668


Archery GB's Acting Performance Pathway Manager, Cait Leach, said: "Although we're not taking anything for granted, we are excited to be able to move forwards with our 2021 youth selection process. We hope that the safe return to domestic and international competition will be a great motivation for all our young athletes who've shown such resilience over the last 12 months.”

Entries will open at 7.00pm on Thursday 15 April through Sport 80.

  • Please see the selection policies in the Documents section below for full details. They can also be found on our Selection Criteria page here.

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