June 16, 2023

3D and Field archery ranking system launched!

Our new ranking system for 3D and Field archery has launched. Archers who take part in Field and 3D competitions around the UK will now be able to see exactly how they compare with other archers shooting their bowstyle.

To find out your current ranking go to ExpertArcher - Rankings.

Tournament results are added to the system after each event, so archers need not submit any scores themselves. The information page has all the details on how ranking points are allocated, but here’s a quick recap:

You can gain ranking points at events that fall under the following tiers:

  • Tier 1: The British Championships
  • Tier 2: National Championships; each nation can hold one field and one 3D event per year
  • Tier 3: Other eligible competitions
    • Field: UK record status/WA Arrowhead open tournaments
    • 3D: AGB-sanctioned open tournaments

Senior rankings are gained by an AGB archer shooting the correct senior peg for their bowstyle and junior rankings are gained by juniors shooting the correct peg for their age (where this is not the senior peg). Rank order in the event of a tie is arranged by highest scores (per day average) and then by ranking at the British Championships. Points from the same venue will only count once per season (unless it also hosts a T1/T2 event) and archers shooting at a two-day tournament must compete on both days to gain ranking points.

3D archer Rob Twigg (above), who shoots an American Flatbow, says: “I can’t wait to see how it all comes out and I want to say a massive thank you to the volunteers who are giving up their time to make this happen”.

Compound field archer Susan Corless (main photo) says: “We have seen the ranking system work well for target archery over the last few years, and I am pleased to see that this is being introduced for field archery too. As an archer new to field archery, it’s really going to help me see where I am in comparison to other archers in my category, where perhaps I have not been at the same events.”

Recurve archer Adrian Woodward (below) says: “Although I don’t ever expect to trouble the higher rankings, I’m so pleased that this is happening as a validation of the hard work and expertise shown by those who have chosen this extremely technical and challenging discipline of archery”.

Vic Williams, Archery GB’s Field and 3D Development Officer says: “It’s fantastic to see the launch of our new ranking system happening this week, it is the fruit of a couple of months of hard work by a group of dedicated volunteers who have made this happen. Our hope is that it provides an added layer of competition which will encourage more people to participate in both field and 3D archery. Good luck to everyone taking part, I hope you enjoy tracking your progress after every shoot!”

If you have any questions or feedback on the ranking system, please contact Vic Williams: vic.williams@archerygb.org

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