October 03, 2023

A New Era for British Barebow Archery? Vote on the Proposed Ranking System Changes

The Barebow Rankings Administration Group believes it’s time for barebow archers to vote on a potential change to the national ranking system

Below, we provide an overview of the proposed alterations, including arguments both for and against the changes. Once you’ve reviewed the details, if you are in the 2023 Barebow National Rankings we kindly ask you to cast your vote.

The proposed change:

The idea is to align the barebow ranking system with the existing recurve and compound ranking systems. This would be based on performance at events, including match play and final ranking, rather than on an archer's best scores throughout the season.

To qualify for the rankings, archers would need to participate in at least one event from Tier 1, 2, 2+, or 3. Points would be awarded based on both the event tier and the archer's position at the end of each competition. An archer can accumulate points from up to five world record status events in the UK.

For a comprehensive understanding of the standard system, please follow this link.

Arguments For

Propelling barebow forward:

The UK boasts multiple barebow world record holders and hosts the second-highest number of world record status events globally. We have the opportunity to champion barebow on the international stage and push for its recognition at the same level as recurve and compound archery. To signify our intent, matching the UK's barebow rankings to those of recurve and compound — akin to the global standard — would send a clear message about the British commitment to the discipline.

Incorporating match play performance:

To be regarded as one of the nation's elite archers, ranking should take into account both  head-to-head performances as well as placement in qualification rounds. The proposed system, which awards points for both, isn't solely based on scores, which might be influenced by factors like weather or venue.

Fairness rooted in day-of performance:

With points awarded for placement in qualification rounds and post-match final rankings, environmental variables such as wind and rain are less of a concern. This approach focuses on performance relative to other archers under the same conditions, rather than absolute scores, promoting fairness.

Arguments Against

Access to Tier 1 events:

The accessibility of Tier 1 events has been a point of contention due to limited slots available for barebow. However, Archery GB is actively working to address this by increasing the number of spots available to barebow archers and encouraging other clubs/venues to host Tier 1 events nationwide, which this past outdoor season as shown.

Impact on imperial rounds:

The shift might result in diminished participation in rounds like the York, as these scores currently contribute to UK rankings. While York rounds aren’t included in the recurve and compound rankings, other events like the 1440 at the British Target Champs, a Tier 2+ event, will still provide rankings points, so acquiring points is not just limited to the 50 metre round.

Cast your vote

If you have shot Barebow this outdoor season and are in the 2023 Barebow National Rankings, please click here to vote on the proposed changes. Deadline for votes is on Tuesday 24th October 2023.

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