January 13, 2024

Durham City Archers' Boxing Day Shoot raises money for MIND

For Durham City Archers, Boxing Day is more than just an opportunity to hit the archery range - it's a chance to support a meaningful cause. Their traditional Boxing Day shoot has long been a charity affair, with the chosen beneficiary determined by a random selection every two years from a list suggested by club members.

For this event, the spotlight was on the mental health charity MIND, a cause close to many hearts. This annual event not only showcases the club's dedication to the sport but also their commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

The day unfolded with a festive buzz as archers from various clubs, including Bowmen of Walker, Border Reivers, and Liverpool university clubs, joined the Durham City Archers for a day of friendly competition.

Two Worcester rounds kicked off the archery action, setting the stage for an exciting day. The competitive spirit, blended with the joy of the season as archers showcased their skills. A delightful buffet lunch and a lively raffle added to the festive ambiance, providing archers with a well-deserved break between rounds.

The highlight of the day was the novelty round shoot-out, injecting an element of unpredictability with changing scoring options. Teams, carefully balanced in terms of bowstyles and skills, competed with enthusiasm and good-natured rivalry. In the end, 'The Simples' team emerged victorious.

However, amidst the cheers and friendly banter, the true essence of the day shone through - a commitment to supporting others, and their fundraising efforts were nothing short of impressive, with the event managing to raise a total of £326.50 for MIND. This financial contribution, coupled with the club's ongoing support, aims to assist in the vital work of the mental health charity. Durham City Archers recognises the universal nature of mental health challenges and hopes that the warm and welcoming atmosphere within their club acts as a positive force for any members who may be facing such issues.

Special recognition goes to honorary member Carole Rowland, whose unwavering support, especially on charitable occasions like Boxing Day, underscores the spirit of community within the club. Her dedication, alongside that of all attending archers, turned a day of sport into a philanthropic triumph.

Durham City Archers, through their Boxing Day shoot, not only provided a festive escape from Christmas indulgence but also exemplified the power of a united community making a positive impact.

Congratulations to all involved for transforming archery into a force for good.

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