April 18, 2021

Join our webinar! Monday Natters: The Big Reopening - 19 April from 7-9pm

Monday Natters' are conversational-style webinars that include a presentation and discussion, and where we share experiences, good practice and ideas. There are still spaces left on our Big Reopening webinar - 19 April - don't miss out!

In our webinar, taking place Monday 19 April from 7-9pm, we will focus on the 'Big Reopening' archery event (7-9 May) - the first of our Big Weekend plans. Most clubs are now open again for shooting, but how do we ensure we reconnect with all our members, not only those most keen to return?

Hear from clubs who have signed up to the Big Reopening already, ask questions, share ideas and discuss! You can sign up to the webinar for free through the members' portal.

  • NB If not already registered, clubs can register to take part in the Big Reopening here.

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