July 24, 2020

Returning to archery – Phase 2 Restricted Shooting guidance published

Archery GB has just published guidance for Phase 2 of our Returning to Archery strategy to help archers, clubs, and coaches safely navigate the next stage of returning to the sport, covering both indoor and outdoor shooting.

As of 25 July, archery in England will officially be in Phase 2 of Archery GB's phased approach to returning to the sport. Our guidelines have been updated to reflect this change and we will continue to update archery-specific guidance as and when the government advice is updated.

A significant change is that indoor shooting will be permitted. However, all archers must wear face coverings when shooting indoors and in all indoor environments, except when actively shooting.

A return to archery is taking place on a phased basis. The phases will change in line with the latest government guidelines once it has been published. Currently we are working on a three-phase approach. Please note, these phases are subject to change as the government exit strategy becomes clearer.

  • Phase 1 - Outdoor only. Family units or individual shooting. Social distancing of 2m maintained between anyone not in the same household. No social activities, "turn up, shoot, go home”, minimise contact with others. Coaching 1:5 allowed while maintaining social distancing.
  • Phase 2 - Indoor and outdoor shooting. Shooting in two details or family households (outdoor only). Single details indoors preferred (dependent on space available). Limited numbers with appropriate social distancing between archers. Limited contact outside of shooting. Coaching 1: 5. Some competitions allowed but limited to social distancing.
  • Phase 3 - Full training and competition. Indoor and outdoor shooting. Social activities permitted - Further details to follow.

We have indicated the key additions and updates to these guidelines with [NEW] and [UPDATED] within each downloadable document, listed below:

Guidance Notes for Archers - Phase 2

Guidance Notes for Supporting Disabled Archers - Phase 2

Guidance Notes for Clubs - Phase 2

Guidance Notes for Coaches - Phase 2

In the Documents section of our dedicated Covid-19 page you will also find a downloadable guide to Archery Ranges Risk Assessment - Phase 2.

Please note: These guidelines currently apply to England. They have been produced in line with the English Government guidance published on 9 July 2020, which can be read on the Gov.uk website. Please follow government advice in areas of local lockdowns.


Northern Ireland

[UPDATED] Only outdoor shooting is currently allowed and everyone will need to follow the current Northern Ireland Government guidelines. The indicative date for a return to indoor archery in Northern Ireland is the 7 August 2020.


[UPDATED] Only outdoor shooting is currently allowed and everyone will need to follow the current Welsh Government guidelines on social distancing and travel. Clubs in Wales will need to follow the Archery GB Guidelines on returning to archery.


[NEW] Scottish Archery has published their Phase 3 guidance for archery.

The choice to return to archery at this time is one that needs to be made locally by clubs, after considering their own circumstances. There are many clubs who are keen to return to archery as soon as possible, but we appreciate there will be those that have genuine concerns, or their local environment will make shooting safely impossible at this stage.

It is the responsibility of each club to make their own assessment based on their local environment and circumstances. We therefore ask you to read and consider the information below carefully, before making a decision to return to archery as safely as possible during this current phase. Please do not feel pressured to shoot until you are confident you can do so safely, by following both the Archery GB guidelines and the current government advice.

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