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Cameron is the youngest member of the squad. He is from Galston in East Ayrshire, Scotland. At the age of 2 he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left calf muscle. After being given a 10% survival rate and maximum of 5 years in remission, Cameron defeated the odds. In 2018, his lower left leg was amputated due to the treatment taking a toll and to have freedom from being restricted to a wheelchair. Eleven days later, Cameron competed for Scotland at the Junior Outdoor Championships. Since then, Cameron has competed on the national circuit, competing for Scotland at national tournaments.

Cameron made his debut on the international circuit at the World Championships in Dubai. He's most proud of winning the men's double European gold in Rotterdam in 2023, and he also came 4th individually at the same event. 

He hopes to win a space for the Paralympics in Dubai and to be selected to compete at the Paralympics.

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