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Jamie Harris is from Stratford Upon Avon. From birth his lower right arm was missing multiple bones resulting in its length being reduced and only having two fingers on his hand. He uses this arm to draw the bow after first getting into archery in 2012 at an event called Limb Power, at Stoke Mandeville. After discovering his love for the sport, he joined a local club. It quickly became apparent shooting off his fingers would not be viable due to his disability. To continue shooting, he switched to compound shooting which allowed him to develop a custom trigger release that attaches around his arm.

The development of his triggers is ongoing as it’s integral to shooting. Harris made great improvements to both his shooting abilities and equipment reliability. This has enabled him to be very successful, most recently including winning mixed team silver at the 2023 Para Euro Cup Finals.

Jamie is most proud of winning gold at the 2022 Para Euro Cup Finals, and next year he hopes to represent at the Paralympics and beat old records with his new trigger.

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