Regulations, Laws and Rules of Shooting

Archery GB regulations, Rules of Shooting and codes of conduct. The Archery GB board maintains a policy framework that sets out the high level outcomes the board wishes to achieve. These are implemented through the Chief Executive who creates detailed policy and procedures with their team of staff and volunteers. We have also produced several codes of conduct so everyone involved in archery can enjoy the sport safely and confidently.

The Archery GB board maintains a policy framework that sets out the high level outcomes the board wishes to achieve

These are implemented through the Chief Executive who creates detailed policy and procedures with their team of staff and volunteers.

To oversee this work, the Board appoints Directors as champions to review and monitor the separate areas of the Policy Framework.

You can find our policy framework using our document and policy finder along with other important documents relating to our policies and procedures.

Rules of Shooting

The Rules of Shooting are approved by Archery GB to give guidance to archers so they may practice their sport and engage in safe, fair competition with a spirit of friendly rivalry, all in keeping with our values. Archers, judges and others interpreting these rules are expected to do so sensibly and realistically. You can download the latest edition of the Rules of Shooting from the Resources section of this page. Here you will also find any interpretations to the Rules that are published to aid clarification. 

Following consultation with members, as detailed in the Winter 2023 edition of Archery UK magazine, Archery GB have made changes to the following Rules of Shooting effective from 2 April 2024:

Part 5 – Field Archery

The rationale is to provide clarity on a number of anomalies currently within the rules, bring field and 3D archery further into line with World Archery rules, maintain flexibility for Tournament Organisers to incorporate Archery GB recognised bowstyles, age categories and age appropriate distance, support the inclusion of a variety of bowstyles to take part in field and 3D archery and to encourage young people and novice archers whilst continuing to maintain the integrity of the World Archery rules.

  • 500. General – updates to bring clarity to the rulebook by referring directly to World Archery as the default
  • 501. Course layout - WA Field and 3D rounds should be set out in accordance with WA rule book 2 Chapters 8 & 9
  • 501. (d) to (g) inclusive removed as these are already referred to in WA rule book 2
  • 502. Bowstyles - expectation that bowstyles other than those defined by World Archery may be shot at UK tournaments
  • 504. Shooting - When shooting a WA round, WA rules apply as defined in Rule book 4. All other rules in this section apply to non WA rounds
  • 504 (n) Although there are no specific dress regulations in field archery, all competitors, field party and officials should wear bright visible colours. Footwear that fully encloses the toes and front of the foot must be worn at all times when shooting

Following feedback received by members, Rule 504 (n) has not been changed.

  • 505. Scoring - reference to Bengston Bowhunter faces has been removed
  • 506. Target Faces – The reference to Bengston Bowhunter faces has been removed
  • 507. Updated tables

A revised Rules of Shooting can be downloaded from the Resources section of this page, together with a document detailing the changed rules only.

Some small additional wording changes have been made where necessary within the rules, but which do not affect the purpose of the rules. These include:

  • Rule 409A Regulations for the Vegas 300 Round. (e) Scoring. (i) – clarification of scoring zones
  • Rule 405 Table 4-1 - clarification of Stafford face sizes
  • Part 11 Disabled And Visually Impaired Archers
  • Removal of any references to Appendix F

In addition, Archery GB has created an interpretations document which will be updated on a regularly basis when clarification on the meaning and purpose of rules is needed.

The process of asking for clarifications, and for proposed rule changes, is detailed in the Rules of Shooting and Shooting Administration Procedures.

Codes of conduct

The Archery GB Code of Conduct exists to protect and promote the sport of archery and outlines the behaviour expected from all participants within the sport at every level. You can find the code in the Resource section of this page or in our document finder via the button below:

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