Archery GB National Flight Championships

The Archery GB National Flight Championships is the highlight flight event in the calendar; an ideal competition for those wanting to shoot in a traditional, fun disciple of archery.

The world record and UK record status World Archery flight and Archery GB Flight competition 2024 will take place in August this year. 

2024 Competition




25 August Elvington Airfield, York 21 March at 7pm

What will I shoot? 

There will be 4 ends of 6 arrows shot. There will be 4 class/weight divisions. Only 1 class/weight division may be shot per end. Archery GB bow weight classes will be converted to the equivalent World Archery flight bow weight classes. Most are the same. Any World Archery bow classes and World Archery weight divisions can be shot, however these must be declared at registration. Distance measurements will be in meters for World Archery requirements and converted to yds-­­ft-­­in for Archery GB results. Separate World Archery bow class and distance results will be produced for works record claim purposes.

What can I win?

National trophies will be awarded to the highest placed British Archery GB members.

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