The Grand National Archery Meeting

The Grand National Archery Meeting is the ideal event for those wanting to compete in a fun, relaxed, and inclusive shoot, helping to keep the tradition of this historic event going.

The Grand National Archery Meeting (GNAM) returns in 2024 for three days, making it the 169th rendition of the event.

2024 Competition





31 May - 2 June Lilleshall Open: 8 February Photos

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What round is it?

Archers will be able to shoot the GNAM's usual Double York or the men and a Double Hereford for the women. A selection of Bristol rounds and Double Nationals will also be available to shoot. The archers shooting Bristol rounds or those wishing to shoot a different National round for record purposes will not be eligible for GNAM Handicap awards.

As always, the shooting is very relaxed, and arrows will be shot in six per end.

What can I win?

The GNAM 'Spiders' will be awarded as well as the 'Double Distance' silver 'Spiders'. Six handicap medals are awarded based upon the handicap quoted by the archer at the beginning of the event, and there will be 30 the challenge trophies. Amongst which are the Double National Score, and some extra awards for achievements such as most hits and best gold.

Why should I attend?

The GNAM has always been an inviting, relaxed shoot, that brings people together for a weekend of fun shooting. If you have a request to shoot with or near to your friends, we are more than happy to accommodate. However, we do encourage people to enjoy the company of their allocated target mates, and make some new friendships along the way.

Feel free to enter whichever round/distance you feel most comfortable doing. We want to be as inclusive as possible, and are very happy for people to shoot the round of their choosing. This may just mean you might not be eligible for the main GNAM awards.

Sophie Meering, Archery GB, said: “The GNAM is a great event to shoot more traditional rounds to mix up the competitive season. It’s such a friendly, relaxed, and lovely environment. With the GNAM being on a weekend this year, it’s even easier to enter and join in the festivities!”

Richard Logan, Rugby Archers, said: “Having never shot a national competition, GNAM looked like a perfect place to start. I’m looking forward to meeting and seeing other archers from around the country.” 

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