October 28, 2022

Archery GB and Muslim Sports Foundation to target inequality

Archery GB and the Muslim Sports Foundation are proud to announce that we will be working together to tackle inequalities within deprived and neglected communities.

There is a historic association and appreciation of archery within the Islamic tradition. Through collaboration we will aid this understanding to promote and advocate archery activities and campaigns especially within Muslim communities. Together we will develop archery in order to unite communities.

Diversity throughout is a key strategic ambition for Archery GB. Through Project Rimaya, a SportsAid funded initiative, we are engaging with several partners to help increase participation of archery in ethnically diverse communities. 'Rimaya' is the Arabic word for archery. Because of archery’s cultural significance in Islam and the sport’s amenability with a wide range of clothing choices, the project has a particular focus on engaging Muslim participants and in particular women and girls.

We have also recently received funding through Sport England’s B2022: NGB Sport Participation, Innovation and Digital Fund, which will be used to develop Rimaya projects in the West Midlands and support Sport England’s Uniting the Movement strategy.

Sajid Hussain, Chair of the Muslim Sports Foundation, said: "The Muslim Sports Foundation is proud to establish a national partnership with Archery GB. Collectively we will strive to engage the most deprived and often neglected communities across the country in a culturally appropriate and inclusive setting. 

"We are passionate about establishing viable relationships with organisations committed to our vision of a sustainable community eco-system. Archery is a tremendous sport which has a deep-rooted association within the Muslim paradigm. We intend to revive this historic tradition in line with our 'Active Sunnah' campaign, seeking to inspire the community though physical activity and movement."

Members of the Muslim Sports Foundation try archery at Archery GB's headquarters at Lilleshall

Gayle Pink, Head of Participation at Archery GB, said: "We aim to identify a network of partners and individuals to help us learn, share resources, promote and implement archery through Project Rimaya at a local and national level. We are therefore absolutely delighted to forge a partnership with the Muslim Sports Foundation and we can’t wait to see the impact we can achieve through working together, to really understand and break down barriers in order to provide equal access and to ensure sustainable delivery of archery in these areas."

 Together we will:

  • Identify, train and support the development of new volunteers, instructors and coaches
  • Establish new places to do archery including clubs and communities
  • Set up programmes for children and young people to try archery and continue their journey in the sport
  • Encourage and promote female participation
  • Provide accessible archery activities all year round
  • Increase competition and progression opportunities for all archery participants
  • Support Muslim Sports Foundation and Archery GB initiatives and programmes e.g., Active Sunnah and Start Archery Week
  • Measure the impact of programmes to ensure long term, sustainable delivery of archery in Muslim communities

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