July 07, 2023

What goes on at the Archery GB Judges Conference

The Archery GB Judges Conference brought judges from across the UK together for a day of learning opportunities.

The annual Archery GB Judges Conference took place late last year, bringing together judges from all across the UK to Lilleshall, where they were given the opportunity to learn from other judges and hear what was going on in other regions across two days.

We asked one of our Archery GB judges, Curtis Hirst, to tell us a bit about how the conference works and how other people can get into judging.

Curtis said: “The conference focuses on rule updates from Archery GB and World Archery, and presentations on specific topics that may get overlooked. This year, after COVID, we introduced practical sessions on day two for judges to get hands-on and learn about topics such as Clout, Flight, Field, being a director of shooting and much more. 

"Judges are integral to UKRS and WRS shoots. Without them, these shoots simply would not go ahead. We make sure that all aspects of the event comply with the rules of shooting, but also to answer any questions that competitors may have. We are there to ensure that the competitors have a great and safe day.”

Curtis said: “The conference is a great experience for any judge. No matter what your grade you always learn something new or get involved with discussions that have been posed to you if you are a more senior judge.

"I have been lucky that judging has given me opportunities I would never have expected: Director of Shooting for the European Para Cup Finals, judging on the finals field of the Youth Festival and judging a match at the European Grand Prix. Equally, local club shoots can be just as great to judge at. These events have given me the skills to hopefully in the future gain a place as a WA Youth International Judge.”

Thank you to the judges who planned, organised and presented at the conference.

Getting started as a judge is very easy. If you are keen or want to learn more, Archery GB have now launched taster sessions where you can go along to a shoot, shadow a judge and see how you enjoy it. There is no pressure to continue if you feel that judging is not for you. But if you feel it is, you would be welcomed to the judging community with open arms. 

Find out more about taking part in a taster session by clicking on the link below: 

Judging taster session

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