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2021 Archery GB AGM pdf

2022 AGM List of Attendees docxSome individuals only provided a first name, and therefore do not appear in the attendance list as they could not be fully identified.

2022 Archery GB AGM Notes pdf

Accounts 2021 pdf

Acknowledgement Letter sent to Appellant doc

Acknowledgement letter sent to complainant doc

AGB Code of Conduct A4 Poster pdf

AGM 2022 Minutes pdfMinutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Grand National Archery Society (Archery GB) held on 23 April 2022 at 10.30am online via Teams.

AGM Minutes 2020 pdf

AGM Minutes 2021 pdf

Annual Governance Statement 2019 doc

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 September 2022 pdfThe directors present their annual report and financial statements for the year ended 30 September 2022.

Anti-Doping End of Year Report 2022 odtIn January 2023, Archery GB successfully achieved compliance status across all 24 mandatory requirements of the national anti-doping quality Assurance Framework.

Anti-Doping Policy docAnti-Doping Policy

Appeal Form pdf

Appeal Hearing doc

Appendix 2 Example Procedure for Dealing with Complaints pdfExample procedure for dealing with complaints and resolving disputes at club, county and regional levels (where no other procedure is in place).

Appendix 3 Complaint Procedure Form docIf you have a complaint please ensure that you are familiar with the Archery GB Disciplinary Policy. All complaints should be dealt with at the lowest level possible.

Appendix 4 Appeal Form pdfAppeals must be submitted to Membership Services, Archery GB, on this form accompanied with the associated fee (£50), no later than 14 days after receipt of the Disciplinary Panel Report.

Appendix 6 Standard Template List docxRegional/County/Club Secretaries are welcome to adapt these templates to meet their own needs.

Appendix 6 Template 1 Transitional period letter between disciplinary policies doc

Appendix 6 Template 10 Letter and report sent to appellant re outcome doc

Appendix 6 Template 2 Acknowledgement letter sent to complainant doc

Appendix 6 Template 3 Letter to the respondent on receipt of complaint doc

Appendix 6 Template 4 Suspension letter sent to respondent doc

Appendix 6 Template 5 Disciplinary hearing letter sent to respondent doc

Appendix 6 Template 6 Interim report and letter requesting mitigation doc

Appendix 6 Template 7 Disciplinary panel final report doc

Appendix 6 Template 8 Acknowledgement letter sent to appellant on receipt of appeal doc

Appendix 6 Template 9 Appeal hearing doc

Archery GB Disclaimer pdf

Archery GB Policy Framework docArchery GB Policy Framework

Archery GB Shooting Related Laws docx

Archery GB Strategic Plan 2021 pdf

Archery GB Strategic Plan 2021-26 pdf

Archery GB Terms of Reference for Members docx

Archery GB Year in Focus 2021-22 pdf

Archery in the UK GNAS formation pdf

Archery UK Magazine Spring 2022 pdf

Articles and Laws pdf

Board Meeting Minutes (2015 03 25) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2016 03 11) doc

Board Meeting Minutes (2016 03 29) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2016 04 17) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2016 07 23) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2016 10 08) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2016 11 11) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2016 12 19) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2016 12 19) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2017 01 28) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2017 07 22) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2017 09 23) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2017 11 25) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2018 01 13) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2018 03 10) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2018 04 21) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2018 06 09) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2018 07 21) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2018 09 22) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2018 11 24) docx

Board Meeting Minutes (2019 04 13) pdf

Board Meeting Minutes (2019 06 08) pdf

Board Meeting Minutes (2019 09 10) pdf

Board Meeting Summary (2015 07 31) docx

Board Meeting Summary April 2015 docx

Board Meeting Summary January 2015 docx

Changes to Articles for AGM 2021 pdf

Child Friendly Privacy docx

Code of Conduct pdfThe Archery GB Code of Conduct exists to protect and promote the sport of archery and outlines the behaviour expected from all participants within the sport at every level. This is the final version, updated in February 2023 following member feedback.

Code of Ethics docCode of Ethics

Company House Information Form pdfThis form should be used to appoint an individual as a director.

Conflicts of Interest Policy and Procedures docConflicts of Interest Policy and Procedures

Customer Complaints Policy and Procedures docxCustomer Complaints Policy and Procedures

Data Protection Policy and Procedures docxData Protection Policy and Procedures

Declaration of Good Character docx

Disciplinary Appeal Process for Club docx

Disciplinary Hearing Letter sent to Respondent doc

Disciplinary Panel Final Report doc

Disciplinary Policy and Procedures docx

Elected Director nominees’ personal statements docIn 2023 there is one elected director vacancy on Archery GB's board as one of the members has reached the end of their first term. We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled member to assist the organisation and to complement the skills of the existing directors.

Equality and Diversity Policy docEquality and Diversity Policy

Fraud Prevention and Detection Policy docFraud Prevention and Detection Policy

Health and Safety Policy and Procedures docmHealth and Safety Policy and Procedures

Interim Report and Letter requesting mitigation doc

Letter to the Respondent on receipt of complaint doc

Meeting Charter, Timing and Questions docxIn order to help the AGM run efficiently, members are requested to submit, in advance, any comments they may have on the formal minutes from the 2022 AGM or any questions they wish to ask about other agenda items.

Member Charter docxMember Charter

Notice Calling AGM and AGM 2023 Agenda docxNotice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting will be held at 10.30 am on Saturday 22 April 2023 online.

Online and Social Media Policy docxThis policy provides a clear set of rules on what is acceptable behaviour and the consequences of breaking the rules when interacting with Archery GB online.

Participation Procedures for Gender Reassignment Archers pdfParticipation Procedures for Gender Reassignment Archers, Policy for allowing transgender archers to compete in their affirmed gender.

Privacy Notice for Volunteers pdfPrivacy Notice for Volunteers

Risk Policy docRisk Policy

Rules of Shooting pdfArchery GB Rules of Shooting - 2023

Shooting Administrative Procedures pdfThe Shooting Admin Procedures, these describe procedures for records, badge claims, awards, insurance details, and handicap / classification calculations.

Suspension letter sent to Respondent doc

Template: 11a Constitution doc

Transitional period letter between Disciplinary doc

Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures docxArchery GB is committed to the highest standards of transparency, probity, integrity, and accountability and wants to encourage a culture of openness to protect its members, volunteers, employees, and service providers, to uphold the reputation of the sport and to maintain the public’s confidence. Archery GB therefore encourages all individuals to raise any concerns about improper conduct within Archery GB or by its members or within its affiliated Clubs, County, Regions, or Home Nations.

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